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Vehicle Related
Printing Rollers
Garden Hoses
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Rubber Slippers
Domestic Mats
Richard Pieris Rubber Products Ltd. (the market leader in Sri Lankan Rubber Industry) is the largest domestic door mat manufacturer in Sri Lanka have been introducing various types of new door mat designs from Rubber, Coir and Fabric types for various applications such as indoor, outdoor, garden etc..
  • Traps dirt and dust
  • Anti Bacterial / Anti Fatigue
  • Slip & Slide Resistant
  • Easy to maintain
Fabric Range :
Fabric Diamond Mat - MPIM RDMM Fabric Oval Mat - FOM Fabric Hansa Mat - FHM Ornemantal Flock Mat
Crown Flock Mat Victoria Flock Mat Peacock Flock Mat Weblight Flock Mat Fabricated Welcome Mat
Ariston Flock Mat Diamond Flock Mat      
Coir Range :
Bush Flock Mat Spiked Mat Round Outdoor Shoe Mat Rubber Based Coir Mats  
      RDHDCMS - L  
Rubber Range :
Bath Mats - BTHM New Welcome Mats - NWM RDM62BL RDM324BL RDM30BL
RDM3BL RBHDMS Link Mat RDM1.1TK Link Mats - RDM31-32 RDM1BL
RDM2 RDM63 Solid Sheet RDM99BL Welcome Mat - RDM9BL
Vehicle Related
Richard Pieris, the pioneers in manufacturing rubber vehicle related carpeting applications such as Rubber grooved matting, Bucket car mat set, Van mats, Three Wheel mats etc.. Now introducing the fabric range of vehicle mats which suits the modern era of car carpeting.
  • Universal Size - Fits most cars
  • Long Lasting
  • Protects Original Fittings
  • Washable
  • Easy installation & maintaince
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue Brown & Grey
Bucket Car Mats BUCMATST Bucket Mat Set Small Car Mats Flat Type RBCMST Fabric Car Mat - RFAMST Cab Beadings - M251
Beadings Bajaj Mats - RBMset Grooved Mats    
Printing Rollers
Richard Pieris, your trusted supplier, will not only refill your old rubber rollers, but also introduce to you our new range of rollers. With the use of modern technology we provide you an unmatched service. This also could be used for special, artificial & natural rubber rollers as well.
Applications :
  • Offset Printing
  • Polythene Printing
  • Laminating Printing
  • Flexo Printing
  • Metal Printing
  • UV Printing
Garden Hoses
Richard Pieris Rubber Products Ltd. has been manufacturing garden hoses since 1945. Also being the market leader in manufacturing rubber hoses under "Arpico" brand name; it always assures a quality product.
Our quality hoses range from :
  • Light duty Garden Hoses - Size 1/2" (Available in 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m & 30m)
  • Heavy duty Garden Hoses (Super Hose) - Size 1/2" (Available in 15m & 30m)
  • Agricultural Hoses - Size 3/4" (Available in 15m & 30m), Size 1" (Available in 15m & 30m)
  • Industrial Hoses - Size 1 1/2" & 2" (Available in 15m only)
Industrial Range
Richard Pieris, the pioneer in rubber manufacturing, is as always at the forefront with assistance to the local construction industry. Using our advanced technology and the expertise in the rubber sector, we can undoubtedly design and produce tailor-made rubber products according to your specific requirments. In our service, we believe in being flexible and our planning, designing, compound fomulation and manufacturing are all done with your needs in mind, all the time.
Armoured Car Cushion Axle Boot Bearing Pads Bridge Bearing Pads Conveyor Belts
Rubber Strips Radiator Hose Industrial Rubber Rollers Diaphrams Rubber Wheels
Spiral Hoses Trafic Cones Water Bars    
Rubber compounds and rubber play balls.
Rubber Slippers
Richard Pieris Rubber Products Company, that has already introduced a variety of new products in the last couple of years has further launched another utility product to attract the demand of the present society, irrespective of the age categories.
Though there are number of companies have already flooded the market with "Rubber Slippers" under different product names, we are very much confident of becomming an active player in this market.
Colourful, more attractive and variety of designs by giving utmost comfort and protection to your feet, "Arpico Slippers" will freely be available in all our Super Centers and Showrooms from September 2009 at very competitive prices.
Now, our valued customers have got the best opportunity to compare the difference of "Arpico Rubber Slippers" with all the other brands which they have already experienced so far.
If you are really concern about your comfort, protection and money, then your ultimate choice should be the "Arpico Rubber Slippers".
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